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Buttercream Birthday Cake

Party CakesHeidi HolmonComment

Sometimes a simply, buttercream, birthday cake is just what the doctor ordered. Cake, buttercream—what's not to love?! So it doesn't have a fancy fondant outfit on, but hey, it's still a long way from being classed as a naked cake. This week's cake is still dressed to impress, and strutting it's stuff with a contemporary swirl of a soft, warm shade of purple we like to call Orchid. What would your birthday buttercream color be?

Golden Pumpkin - Chocolate Espresso Cake

Party CakesHeidi HolmonComment

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! The holiday usually comes with an over-indulgence hashtag, so in contrast, the cake was a study in decadent minimalism. From it's trio of hand-crafted, golden fondant pumpkins, to it's cascading, chocolate ganache, this cake couldn't quite make up it's mind whether it was simple-and-chic or gloriously-decadent! Four layers of rich chocolate cake paired with espresso buttercream, fudge swirls and creamy decide. Let's be honest though, after the turkey, the stuffing, the sides and the gravy, who even has room for dessert, right?! Either way it was the perfect compliment to the beautiful decor and tablescape created by Tyson Dale Baker.

#overindulgence :-)

Red Velvet Valentine

Party CakesHeidi HolmonComment

Forget about decadent chocolate or vanilla. It's St. V-day people, and chances are, if there are cake orders to be filled, they're gonna be Red Velvet…every last one of them!