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Blush Pink Dessert Table

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I'm happiest when there is something sweet within reach! It's true. Something about sugar translates to happiness in my brain—not the best news for my hips, mind you, because who wants to just look at sweet treats?! Having a sliced-open cake in the studio was probably not the smartest move (considering it is January and those New Year resolutions are still in the forefront of my mind), however, I really wanted to show you what goes into a De la Creme cake slice. So I made a second cake just for you guys (*sigh) oh, the sacrifices I'm willing to make :-)  Be sure to scroll to the end of this post to see what goes on under the fondant here at De la Creme. And bring on the dessert tables…the more sweet, delicious treats, the better!

So, what goes into a slice of De la Creme cake (other than sugar and spice and all things nice)? Well, since we pay just as much attention to what goes on under the fondant as we do to creating masterpieces that wow your guests at first glance, even our slices are beautiful in their own rights (and after taste-testing way beyond what was actually necessary  I can assure you, they taste pretty darn good too). Whether ordering one of our standard cakes or splurging on a premium cake (like the Chocolate Raspberry Amaretto example below), you get four layers of cake and three layers of filling all nestled under a snug coat of buttercream and fondant...and a whole lot of happiness free of charge :-)