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Harry Potter Spell Book Cake

Celebration CakesHeidi Holmon4 Comments

A Golden Snitch, Harry Potter's wand and a Hogwarts Crest sculpted by hand, were the edible elements that came together to make this spell book cake really come to life for one special young lady who just turned eleven. The worn leather book cover hid a delicious French Vanilla Cake with smooth Chocolate Buttercream. But don't judge me for playing with food...cos I'm not gonna lie, the minute Harry's wand was dry, it was waved once (or twice) while saying "Expelliarmus!" ;-)

Sparkling Celadon Wedding Cake

Wedding CakesHeidi Holmon2 Comments

Every so often, we create a wedding cake so tall (and heavy), that we cannot assemble it at the studio. Jacqueline's wedding cake was such a cake. So we shot each deconstructed tier and then carefully boxed them up for the journey to the venue where we assembled the masterpiece for the first time. Seeing all the planning and hard work come together, and watching the vision finally come to life, I've got to admit, it's a bit a bit of a rush...I think that makes me a bit of a cake-geek, but I don't care, I love what I do!! :-)

Shopkins Lipstick Cake

Celebration Cakes, CupcakesHeidi Holmon3 Comments

What a little cutie pie!!! Recreating the Shopkins "Lippy Lips" character out of cake was so much fun. Such a tall, narrow cake took a bit of planning but the finished piece (at almost two feet tall) was totally worth the effort. We made sure to find some extra tall candles that looked great next to the giant lipstick, and what better way to line them up ready for the birthday girl's wish, than in little custom-made cupcake candle holders. Happy Birthday Emina!

Fuzzy Monkey Birthday Cake

Celebration Cakes, Smash CakeHeidi Holmon1 Comment

Oh Snap! Fuzzy Monkey just went 3D!! For those of you who remember the Fuzzy Monkey Baby Shower Cake we created last year, well, 'Baby Xavier' just turned one (I know, how time flies!) and in a few short months he will be getting a new sibling. So we teamed up with Courtney and Joe again (mom and dad) to continue the theme and created a combined first birthday cake for Xavier and a gender-reveal cake for the new baby. Curious?…it's gonna be a boy!!! Who would have thought that a fuzzy little monkey would become the star of his own cake and then grow up to become a cute three-dimensional edible cake topper?!

Could we just point out how cute the little monkey butt is?! ;-)

Xavier's mini cake was smashed open to reveal baby blue, french vanilla buttercream—yay, you're getting a little brother!

Original Fuzzy Monkey Cake created for Xavier's Baby Shower.