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Let Me Show You the World (in Cake)

Wedding CakesHeidi HolmonComment

One of the emerging trends from 2016 was Cake Trios. That means not one, not two, but three individual wedding cakes designed to compliment each other. WHOA! I know! That's some serious cake love right there. They take a little bit more work, but the effort is well worth it. Take a look at Abby and Troy's wedding cake trio set below and judge for yourself. What do you think, are you loving this trend as much as me? Now, I could be biased, because I'm pretty much gonna love anything blush and rose gold, but I just ADORE this set...and the couple that I created this for was pretty sweet too. Congratulations Abby and Troy—keep showing each other the world.

Sugar Flowers: David Austin Roses done in dusty blush, Dark Dahlias and Black-centered Anemonies.

Gotta give credit where credit is due. We took inspiration from the fabulous Erica OBrien and put a De la Creme spin on this global cake design.

Bridal Gown Cookies

CookiesHeidi HolmonComment

Oh how fabulous! Pearls and pink satin...every girly-girl's dream! We treated these bridal gown cookies as if they were real wedding dresses. Scroll down, you'll see. It's almost as if they're hanging in little tiny garment bags :-)

Harry Potter Spell Book Cake

Celebration CakesHeidi Holmon4 Comments

A Golden Snitch, Harry Potter's wand and a Hogwarts Crest sculpted by hand, were the edible elements that came together to make this spell book cake really come to life for one special young lady who just turned eleven. The worn leather book cover hid a delicious French Vanilla Cake with smooth Chocolate Buttercream. But don't judge me for playing with food...cos I'm not gonna lie, the minute Harry's wand was dry, it was waved once (or twice) while saying "Expelliarmus!" ;-)